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Playhouse Playgroup aims to be a fun, relaxed place where children are encouraged to learn through play, and make friends by providing them with stimulating activities, materials and situations.

Who We Are

We are a friendly group for Mums, Dads, Grannies, Nannies, Childminders, in fact anyone who looks after little ones, aged 18 months to 5 years, where they can develop a sense of community and social support.


Tuesday to Friday 9.30am-12pm (Mondays are used to deep clean in line with Covid-19 guidance) Term-time only. See term dates below.


Alternatively, please contact Lisa on 07702 017 763 or email registrations@playhouseplaygroup.org. For information on hiring the Romany, please contact the Scouts here.

Playgroup Sessions

A typical session led by our two trained Playleaders would include:

  • Free play with lots of different toys e.g. farm, cars, dolls, dressing up.

  • Use of our wonderful enclosed garden with a slide, pirate ship, big Wendy House, the ever-popular Little Tikes cars or just to run around.

  • Explore our new kitchen garden and mud kitchen.

  • A craft or cooking activity.

  • Daily circle time with a snack, fruit, water and singing.

  • And free tea and coffee for parents and carers!


Weekly Activities

  • Tuesday - Alternate weeks of arts/crafts and cooking

  • Wednesday - Cooking

  • Thursday - Alternate weeks of arts/crafts and cooking

  • Friday - Arts/crafts and dance teacher

  • For craft ideas, visit our Pinterest page

    Playhouse Group

Term Dates

We are so happy to be opening again. Thank you all for your support and patience over the last few months.

Our term dates follow those of the Wandsworth primary schools:

Autumn Term (first half) Autumn Term (second half)
Term Starts Tuesday 8th September TBC Mon 1st/Tues 2nd November
Term Ends Friday 23rd October TBC Friday 11th December


How much do you charge?

We charge £12.50 per session with a discount available for siblings. Fees are charged termly. As we are Ofsted registered we are able to take childcare vouchers.

Can I bring siblings younger than 18 months?

Yes, younger siblings are very welcome and can attend for free.

But isn't there a waiting list?

Sometimes but not as often as you may think so please contact Lisa on 07702 017 763 or email registrations@playhouseplaygroup.org.

Are you registered with OFSTED?

Yes, the playgroup is registered with OFSTED. A set of our Policies and Procedures, which provide the framework for our daily operation, is available on request at playgroup for parents to inspect.

Are you a charity?

Yes, we are also a registered charity (charity number: 1108286). If you would like to contribute to Playhouse Playgroup, you can do so while you shop with Easy Fundraising

A number of parents serve on our voluntary committee. For voluntary opportunities please contact Lisa on 07702 017 763 or email registrations@playhouseplaygroup.org

What is Rota?

To help with the smooth running of Playhouse, we rely on two parents or carers to carry out rota duties each day. This is integral to our community playgroup principals.

We ask you to help out one morning every half term for the number of mornings your child attends. Those heavily pregnant or with newborns under 3 months are exempt. If you cannot do your day, as allocated at the beginning of each half term, you can organise to swap or pay £10 from your £20 rota deposit for Playhouse to arrange a replacement.

You will be paired with one other parent/carer on your rota day, making it a wonderful way to meet other members and it provides a vital support to the Playgroup leaders as well as other members. Rota duties:

  • Arrive early at 9.20 to help with set-up on Tuesdays

  • Offer tea and coffee to members

  • Unload the dishwasher

  • Cut fruit and get water cups ready for the children’s snack time

  • Help to set up for circle time/ tidy up toys

  • Stay a little past 12 to help tidy up or move toys out

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